Monday, July 9, 2012

Compare Yourself with Yourself

 It’s in our instinct to compare. How else were we introduced with the best and the worst? That’s how they taught us how to reach to the golden medal. It’s with comparison. Even if it is an ugly ugly thing, it’s still there.

The mistake that was being made was tremendous. It was disastrous. We were taught to compare ourselves with others. In fact, in some things some other people may appear to be better than you but in reality, that might be just far from the truth. At other times, it is exactly the truth. However, it really doesn’t matter because that’s not how you excel.

When you compare yourself with others, you lose motivation or else if you are motivated, you are not directed to the right path. Feelings within would be cluttered with glimpses of jealousy and comparison that will not do you anything good. It harms your soul.

There will always be people better than you in some things, and you will be better than them in some other things. You might know or not know those things, but you need to know one thing; it’s that it doesn’t matter if they are good or better. What matter is how good you are to yourself.

You live with yourself. That’s the reality in life and to be best motivated is to keep it up high and above itself, to grow within. Your motivation will be pure and will not be tangled up with negativity of comparison with some other selves.

Compare yourself with yourself, not with some other selves.

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