Sunday, November 18, 2012

One More Reason to Love Coffee Even More

Those of us who love coffee, often listen to phrases like "That's not good for your health". Sure, everything above normal is not good for our health. But does that mean we should give it up? Of course, that's up to you. Then again, why would we give it up? It makes us adore life. It makes us see the good over the bad.

I am not bluffing over here. Psychology studies are awesome. They tell us things about us we didn't even know.

According to LiveScience, an experiment by Lars Kuchinke at Ruhr University in Germany was set to test such thing; to test whether caffeine makes us think more of the positive or of the negative. 66 volunteers were to decide as fast and accurately as possible whether the string of letters on the computer were to form words or not. Half of the volunteers were given caffeine pills while the other half were given a lactose pill.

 Kuchinke said, "The investigators found volunteers who consumed caffeine tablets were more accurate by up to 7 percent at recognizing positive words than other words, with no effect seen when it came to emotionally neutral or negative words. This reveals that although caffeine improves some mental functions, "the present study shows that this may be specific for certain types of stimuli, like only positive words."

Coffee makes us happy—it’s that simple.

We all know that how we spend our moments, shape our days; how we spend our days, shape our years and so our lives. The most successful people are happy than others. They were even happy before they were that successful. Short in short, our thoughts stimulate our moments and so does coffee. ;)

Image Credits to  Apple's Eyes Studio

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