Monday, December 10, 2012

Creative Corner: Baffled in Silence

In silence it suffered; suffered the pain it had postponed. Beg to differ? It wouldn’t care what you think matters.  Without an introduction, it was aching, not knowing the reason behind the desire, the desire of an unknown force for this to happen. Ignore it? Deal with it? It wonders.

What if it will keep pondering? Without a conclusion, it’s still puzzled. Too many times we rely on rules to act. Without a fact about what’s wrong and right, it’s baffled. Unease it had suffered.

- “Seek to be pleased,” it uttered.
- It doesn’t know what it had uttered. “The force wouldn’t come along the side,” it was cautioned.
- “Seek to please,” it redefined.
- “The force will be against it too.”
- “I am baffled”.
Thinks again. It thinks again. Delighted by the reminder it was offered.
- “Lies in the middle.”
- “Close enough, not simple as it sounds.”

Image Credits to: Master isolated images

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