Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creative Corner: Just Be

-“’Just be,’ I hear. I like to be near, ‘just be.’”
-“How about those in control? In the suit, they fit. In luck, they are stuck. Rules. They learnt the rules.”
-“But then, how come? They never have been what they are.”
-“’Just be’ is full of faults and wrongs as much as the goodies. A meter of success is hard to measure. To get there, you had to lessen the errors. For it, could be the fame or power; needless to say, the gold in town. Control. They learned how to control. “
-“But do they smile?”
-“Of course they do.”
-“I mean when they are alone and no one could see, do they smile?”

-“‘Just be’, soothing as it could be. Moving all together. Dance in the lone. Laughing from within. ‘Just be.’ How much is misplaced for those who wouldn’t ‘just be’?”
-“What could it be, when you ‘just be’?”
-“You will get rid of the clutter taking all the space. Even if you are left with one single seed, it’s better.”
-“How come you say it’s better?”
-“Poison might be oblivious. A whole garden could go in ruins. The kindness of one drop to one seed, the rain of many drops to succeed, the growth it could lead. ‘Just be.’”

Image Credits to: photostock 

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