Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Creative Corner: Used To

Used to. 
Used to in the past. 
Used to the recent. 
Used to. 
Used to today. 
Used to already.

The best time is in between all the used to. 
The time when you realize. 
The time when you learn. 
The time when you say, "Aha, I just got it right."
The longer it stays, the peaceful it remains. 
Until you get used to this time in time. 

Then comes another that is novel at the time. 
You are not used to it. 
You resist. 
But if it tastes sweet, you are in trouble.
Tolerance over temptation depletes all resistance. 

So, what will you choose. To get used to or to let it go?

Image Credits to: imagerymajestic

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